Srinivas Chillara

I’m now a juggler of a handful of interests and activities around middle school mathematics, data analytics and particularly forecasting, systems thinking, development, etc. Here I intend to hold forth on various topics, irrespective of qualification.

This used to be an expert blog on Scrum, but I shall be migrating those posts elsewhere. The original profile.


A development coach, mostly teaching Scrum and TDD, I’ve over 17 years of s/w dev experience, some of it brilliant, a good bit mind-numbing, most of it pedestrian and a tiny bit disastrous. I’ve been a programmer, analysts, tester, project manager and worked in various countries with all sorts of people (or is that ‘resources’?). All in all a variety of experience of which the last 7 years as a consultant/coach/trainer. I’m the first independent Scrum coach in India. To know more about my coaching click.

I now build high performance s/w development teams, which continuously  improve and hence are increasingly valuable to organisations. I do this by guiding organisations/teams as they transition to Scrum, and improve their project execution capability. While this change will involve some pain, I’ll help in mitigating it. To know more about my consulting and training services visit CeeZone.


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