This urging raises some questions. This isn’t anything to do with an antagonistic manner, it is just seeded by an analytic orientation. I was quite ignorant of the WEF’s initiative. So having hurriedly skimmed through some material, I’m not very impressed by the move. Maybe this is serious, but difficult to see how it can actually be put in action. Maybe time will tell.

If we consider human history of the last 1000 years or so, the last couple of generations (in general ) have been having a jolly decent time of it. There is no comparison on how much better life is for most people post WWII vis-a-vis pre 1950’s. The trouble is that humans (abstruse joke: unlike bacteria) have accrued a lot of destructive power, both of the slow cooking type and the explosive sort. Can we handle this staggering power? Is it just a matter of when, and not if, the world fizzles out? So easily can things go wrong for our planet. At the moment, other than Macron and possibly Trudeau, there isn’t anyone else to place reasonable confidence that they will do the right thing for the distant future. Maybe Japan will make a significant positive difference. I think it has the right balance of harnessing technology and revering nature.

By the way Billy Joel’s song from River of dreams is a beautiful tangential diversion.

So, should we reset? I think so; But how? and – even trickier – by how much, realistically? In effect, just how do we effectively reign in our collective greed? As M.K. Gandhi said: There is enough for everyone’s need, not for everyone’s greed. Each of us can do our bit. John Naish in his very reasonable and lively book has made the case that we all (at least most of us) should develop a sense of ‘enough‘ as opposed to ‘more and more’. That is why I had started by saying, that this ‘great reset’ raises a few unsettling questions, important no doubt, and we should think through this. But can we?

The other other Friday bloggers: Maria, Conrad, Shackman , Ramana, Sanjana, Padmum, and  Raju would have interesting and germane points to make. Actually I’m looking forward and gagging for it, this time I want more.