Literally demo once meant people collectively. Or slightly disparagingly, democracy is “mob” rule in a sense. So; to demo or not to demo; that is the Q. Well, not too much much of demos these days.

But these days it looks as though we are on the road to serfdom. There are slippery bends ahead, so brace yourself, it is bound to be a dizzy tumble. It is a matter of when, not if, for at least a few of these ventures to stumble and fall. Since that is what democracies are, ventures, driven by a country’s leaders with differing levels of seriousness, commitment and acquiescence having come together at some point and deciding on how to run the country.

Humans, even though one might be loath to include politicians, have quite a few faults, never mind what they say in public. So people who desire power for it’s own sake can be loosely thought of as politicians. For there will always be politicians. So, with a cool head, what do you think? If one thinks it has all been a failure, it will be interesting to know of an alternative. I must hasten to add, at-least three generations of citizens should have prospered in their lives, reasonably placidly, both individually and collectively. I think the only commendable alternative in the recent past I could point to, would be Singapore. Some of you might object to this assessment and I shall not entertain a conversation on this matter. It isn’t a question of a few moderate or even serious mistakes or injustices perpetrated during a given government’s tenure. For that is the failing of an institution or two, to function properly. Even a careful driver in a good car may occasionally end up in a ditch. Any method is a way to manage the people of a country, it’s society and with all it’s rough edges, and it is certainly the case with democracy. The desire to smooth over the rough edges, only create the illusion of an ideal paradise, for the few, for a while.

In so far as ‘modern’ democracy is concerned, we might as well be referring to the twitterage? (A clever word that one — have I just coined it? — I have to point out these things you see, for many of my readers are the ICT crowd, they would easily be the most intelligent twits, had they been living north of the north pole).

Modern social (or is that anti-social) media does seem to increase engagement between citizens and politicians. Though, I’m afraid, it is very much a case of more heat than light. So the future isn’t very bright, just jolly hot, since it is time for Democrazy.

But all this is far too serious, since there will be always be people in the mix; it is instructive to keep in mind the difference between people and bacteria. The latter multiply by division and the former, quite the reverse. Decoded for the slow reader, usually an ICT professional “people divide by multiplication”.
(I just had to sprinkle some lame mathematics, eh what?)

The other other Friday bloggers: Sanjana, PadmumRaju, Maria, Shackman , Ramana and Conrad will have a perspective of some sort, I’ve yet to find out, but I’m sure theirs will be written well, even if saying only as much as my post.