Medical Practice today


A peep, no link, just a hint.

That is a slightly inaccurate title for what follows, but only slightly. I shall simply provide a path to an entertaining sketch regarding (a somewhat irregular, but commendable) patient practice along with doctor practice. The basic subject is a bit much for me, so my strategic retreat…. However, I aim to please. Of course, compared with the rest

…this will be the most enjoyable post … and the reason for this most audacious boast?

Ah, the material is not mine and you will have to lift a few fingers for it; but please see that your computer/phone sound system is top of the pops.

Go to that audio-visual trove, youtube and first type ‘pixie goodness’ in the search field and pick the first result (Rowan should be waiting, Pixie isn’t half bad) play and be exceedingly pleased. I think you will be gagging for more… in which highly possible case…. type ‘sellers sophia goodness’. One of the rare instances where the remake is an improvement on the original.

Why, all this mystery? Just for the sake of it, I don’t like to spoon-feed intelligent birds, by putting a link to youtube in my posts. Don’t mention it.

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What’s the fuss for


We must make a fuss about, what we make a fuss about. Is the comma placed correctly? A short, yet convoluted sentence that, eh what?

Well, this is because the things one makes a fuss about, reveal something about the type of person one is. Is it the wilting rose on second plant in the slightly misshapen flowerpot? or the dangling participle? or the smudge on the windscreen? or possibly the demolition of that quaint, distinctive auditorium making way for the neat but ugly steel and glass office building sheltering blank faced, mindless, self-important yuppies. Or maybe the new education policy, which is a bit of a curate’s egg, but that is a different discussion.

So, even if we cannot always fuss over what others are fussing about, each of us can make a fuss about what oneself makes a fuss about! This is a path (not the only) to self improvement. What the newspapers hyperventilate and people focus on, while ignoring more important matters is a result of fussing over the insignificant. What we fuss about, is a reflection of what we attach importance to, and by default exclude much that could be a path to elevation.

I shall now, with a moderate amount of fuss, encouragingly point to seven other Friday bloggers: Sanjana, PadmumRaju, Maria, Shackman , Ramana and Conrad.  This week’s topic was suggested by Maria.

Why my blog is named Ceezone

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After many many moons I return to some writing. This was where I penned my views and analysis on matters ‘Scrum’. Those of you who have some familiarity with the sport Rugby (not that asinine imitation on the other side of the planet) this site will disappoint you, since Scrum is a software project/product development approach. But that was many moons ago. Now I shall write about this, that and the other; Pontificate on, pillory many and placate a few topics or people as the case maybe.

Originally CeeZone meant ‘C’- zone, and ‘C’, in turn stood for chaos.

or classically ‘Kaos’ the primeval Greek God, who preceded Earth (Gaia). Being something of a frightening mayhem, represented complete lack of order. So, to be avoided or at least wary of, in this oh so perfectly orderly world. Anyway, Chaos had some connection with the background theory of Scrum, and Rugby looks chaotic to the uninitiated.

Or beautiful, depending on your tastes.

But that isn’t all. Chaos theory is a fascinating interdisciplinary area with wide applicability and an offshoot of mathematics, where fractals are a manifestation of this theory, in some round about way. And it seems the Greeks were on to something, as order can arise from chaos (maybe another post later on). In general order and chaos can co-exist and as such need not be taken as a contradiction. A chaotic process can give rise to a beautifully ordered fractal. And so it came to be, that one of the more common fractal patterns was chosen as the logo of my consulting company. The Sierpinski triangle to be precise:

That's a fractal; if you take this into a good image editing software tool, and cut a smaller triangle, and then zoom in, you will see the full shape appearing again. Sort of wheels within wheels; you know, it's turtles all the way down.

But, as the years roll on, I see a various manifestations of complexity in the world, I think this title is apposite. So there! That is why.

I must thank Ramana for his kind encouragement to write. In this blog cluster, I see two of the three Rs of education represented exuberantly. So,I might, to attendant groans, occasionally fill in the third. But don’t let this put you off, I can only tangentially refer to mathematics, I will be changing this blog from a specialist to a generalist one.

The other seven bloggers, in some disorder, who write on the same topic every Friday are Sanjana, PadmumRaju, Maria. Shackman , Ramana and Conrad.  This week’s topic was suggested by Conrad. I’m sure there you will be a fine mix of entertainment, education and enlightenment.